A tense environment – Meet the red24 editors

Masters of the semicolon, gatekeepers of all content and pundits of style; their they’re the red24 editorial team.

red24 Editors

Both speed and accuracy are paramount to the effective functioning of a global crisis management company, such as red24. Our analyst teams monitor global events around the clock and are constantly pushing through content as world events occur. However, between the analysts and the world there is a protective cocoon that is our editorial team. This team provides the checks and balances to ensure that errors are spotted and that the calibre of information is kept to a high standard.

In order to highlight the crucial role that the editorial team is playing – here are some silly slipups that fortunately did not make it through our editorial barrier:

1. The exploding desert – Graham spotted one of my alerts and highlighted the difference between ‘multiple explosive devices detonated in the dessert‘ and ‘multiple explosive devices detonated in the desert.


2. Pretty petty thieves –  Nicola also recently found a nice one ‘… these forms of transport are known to be targeted by pretty thieves.’


Firdows provided a range of edits ranging from the bizarre to the ludicrous:

3. The tale of the back-snatchers – The eds have, on countless occasions, saved clients from falling victim to crime, including from back-snatchers; spineless crooks out to steal, not only your bag, but also your lumbar support.


4. Sensationalism and the art of not increasing tensions –

– Really Now! – “The country is faced with organising the largest democratic elections on the planet by the end of May”.

– Shut the front door! “Senior drug trafficker Jesus Alfredo Guzman Salazar was arrested in Jalisco state, Mexico, on 21 June. Guzman Salazar is the son of notorious drug trafficker and head of the powerful and deadly Sinaloa cartel, Joaquin Guzman Loera“.


5. Sometimes, however, inexplicable errors creep through despite our best efforts. 

India: Inclement weather causes ferry to collapse in West Bengal

– According to media reports, tanks fired heavy machinery and anti-aircraft guns in the city’s Bab Amro district.

Machine Tank

 6. Freudian slip with regards to human waste protesters in South Africa,  – “Demonstrations related to service delivery occur frequently in South Africa and mostly affect pooper outlying areas of major urban centres”.

Dung Beetle

Wisdom from Firdows: What the editors aim to do…

A good editor will not try to silence the voice of the writer; rather, an editor will tell you if it’s lacking in consistency or sensationalist or otherwise detracting from your message. The editorial team (lovingly known as ‘ the eds’ by some at red24) aims not to change things indiscriminately or subjectively instead we aim to implement the applicable rules where needed and will defend them till the very end.

 What the editors really do…

Tea breaks.

High tea

If you are an editor or have been saved by an editor in the past, feel free to leave some of your funny edits in the comments. Also let us know which edit is your favourite?

Created by Barend Lutz and the editorial team

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