red24 Security Briefing – Islamist militancy in Yemen

Chief MENA analyst at red24, Andre Colling, has written a Security Briefing on the Islamist insurgency in Yemen.

Here is an excerpt from the briefing document:

‘Given current political, economic and social conditions in Yemen, AQAP will continue to find unstable areas within which to conduct its operations against the state. Only a full negotiated settlement between Yemen’s differing warring or competing regional and political groups will offer the state adequate time and space to confront the Islamists in a meaningful manner. Even if a political solution was found it would still take years for the government to fully eradicate the militant threat given the increasing interconnectivity between militants and local tribes. AQAP is, therefore, expected to continue to grow and increase its presence in the state.”

Read the full article for free here.

Follow @andrecolling for more analysis on MENA security issues.

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